OntoStudio is a software package that enables developers to create and maintain ontologies and knowledge bases. The main purpose of OntoStudio is to provide the tools to quickly create a model from a conceptual description. It helps in the process of conceptualization and management of knowledge resources.

Use two or more node types to create a specific shape, or use the rectangle tool to select the node types manually.

Two nodes may be selected and the “Shapes” option made available in the Node Selector menu (see image on the right).

One of the two selected nodes is dragged around the workspace. The other is either fixed or held by the Transform tool. The shape that is selected by this node, or by the Transform tool, is then outlined on the drawing surface.

To add lines, switch to the LineSelector.

Multiple node types may be selected and the “Shapes” option made available in the Node Selector menu (see image on the right).

A selection of two or more node types is dragged around the workspace. The dragged node is then de-selected. The selected node types are then outlined in a new shape, automatically named “Shape 1”, “Shape 2”, etc.

To delete a shape, click it once and it is deleted. To delete all shapes, hold down the Shift key and click them once.

Entering Information

Aspect model entries are typically composed of a textual description of the features of the aspect of interest, and the numerical value that defines the level of the aspect.

The modeler may enter an aspect description by typing it in the Enter Information window.

Entering an aspect description is quick and easy, as is setting the value associated with an aspect.

To open the Enter Information window, click the Aspect button, or open the Aspect panel and select Enter Information.

The Enter Information window should open as shown above. Use it to enter an aspect description. The example above describes the aspect “Vehicle Size”. A feature’s numerical value is referred to as an “aspect value”.

Entering Information

It is often desirable to define the data range associated with an aspect, in addition to its description.

To open the Enter Data Range window, click the Aspect Data Range button, or open the Aspect Data Range panel and select Enter Data Range.

The Enter Data Range window should open as shown above. Use it to enter an aspect 84e02134c1

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WebTrance is a powerful Translator that will make your life much easier.
It allows you to work on documents and web pages in different languages, while preventing you from typing in annoying characters like accents and numbers.
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In addition, you can select the language from a drop-down menu, and it is also possible to translate text to/from SRT and SUB DivX subtitles, in order to have the best possible quality.
WebTrance allows you to save the translated text to RTF format.
WebTrance can be set to minimize to the system tray area, and you can also choose the maximum number of fragments, set the complexity of the translation and adjust the layout mode (horizontal or vertical).
• High quality
• Fast response time
• Supports all web browsers
• No registration is required
• No bloatware
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• Generates RTF files
• Download a trial version, then buy the original product
• Download demo videos
• Complexity of the interface requires a good knowledge of the language in question
• Only supports text translation
• Does not include an API
• Not compatible with Windows 8
• Price not justified compared to Google Translate

Virus Bulletin:100% CLEAN

Disclaimer: Effective Antivirus software does not cause harm to your PC. It is a tool that helps in the identification and removal of harmful programs that may affect the normal operation of the OS.

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