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A Quick, Clean and Intuitive Bible Reading Application King James Holy Bible is a cross-platform utility designed to offer a user-friendly environment for reading the Bible. It packs a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to perform most operations with just a few clicks. Once you run the application, you are welcomed to choose the religious writings you want to analyze, namely the Old or New Testament. The program comes packed with a powerful search engine that gives users the possibility of either entering a word or a phrase to be searched throughout the virtual database, or looking for words or phrases into the selected books, chapters or categories. Furthermore, the application enables you to view the religious information in terms of topics, such as the Genesis, Psalms, proverbs, gospels, epistles and letters. It also bundles maps which display religious data and locations, as well as a Jewish calendar and details about weight and measures. This utility provides quick access to the parables of Jesus Christ, and you can change the font style, number and color of the text, as well as pick a background color. The generated information can be printed or copied to the Clipboard. The Holy Bible King James Version features a built-in organizer which allows users to create multiple categories with their favorite websites, and access them with just one click. Hotkeys are also available for a better control of the entire process, but they cannot be reassigned. During our testing we have noticed that the program is able to display accurate search results and provides excellent image quality without errors throughout the entire process. It manages to remain light on the system resources. All things considered, The Holy Bible King James Version can be considered a very handy software solution as it packs many useful features for helping you read and analyze religious writings in a clean and straightforward layout.

King James Holy Bible Key Features:

Open the Bible in the user’s preferred format – King James Bible, NIV Bible, NKJV Bible, KJV Bible, and more

Bible Textual Display – King James Holy Bible provides the option to view the Bible in KJV or other formats including NIV, NKJV, etc.

Search Using Text or Bookmarks – Search the text of a book by entering a word or phrase in the search field or select a bookmark.

Search within chapters and verses – Search and display the text of any chapter or verse.

Read a Book by Bookmark – View a book in a specified bookmark or use a bookmark to go directly to a eea19f52d2


CudaLister is a plugin for Total Commander to enhance its Lister code viewer by giving it better integration with the powerful CudaText editor.
CudaText is an advanced, multi-language and multi-document text editor written in C. CudaText provides an excellent solution for professional text editing and provides robust tools for document authoring and formatting. With the ability to edit both basic and advanced documents, it is a fully featured and extensible editor that can be used for quick typing and long-term document creation.
* All types of languages supported in CudaText
* Batch file generation from selected text
* Text document search and replace, or match and replace, with unlimited number of search/replace/replace matches
* Automatic Folding/Unfolding of code and documents with an option to keep indentation
* Text wrapping for code and documents with an option to continue lines at indentation
* Line numbering for code and documents
* Syntax highlighting and file coloring
* Full file path listing for code and documents
* Print documents to paper in multiple formats
* Navigate to next/prev source code file
* Search documents for keyword
* Open document in new/previous tab
* Open documents in new window
* Code folding for different languages
* Option to show/hide menus, tabs, colors and other settings in documents
* Text editor can run in background and not affect any document or command
* Load/Save/Print Save To files as
* Multiline comments (TODO, XXX)
* Line comment
* Customized keybindings
* Full support for Windows, Linux, and OS X
* Includes CudaLister.vxd for easy installation

CudaLister – Tree View Files Explorer is a plug-in for Total Commander and UnxUtils that enable you to manage the files and folders like a file tree in a traditional explorer. It supports the standard file selection dialogs such as Windows Explorer and Nautilus file manager as well as the list and details dialogs in Total Commander such as tree view, columns and tree view explorer. You will find this as a powerful and fast alternative to the standard tree explorer in Windows Explorer.
You can drag’n’drop files to and from the tree. Tree view files explorer is a useful, powerful and easy-to-use file manager for all of your disk management needs.

CudaLister – Tree View Files Explorer is


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