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Lianja ODBC Data Source Manager is a lightweight software that makes it easier for you to establish a secure connection and transfer of data to and from a Lianja SQL server. The application is an easy to use tool that enables you to set up new data sources or edit existing ones. All you need to do is configure the log-in details as well as a database storage source. You can specify a unique data source name and a short description that makes it easier to be identified. Simply type in the ODBC connection information in order to Lianja SQL server. You can create your log-in credentials by specifying a user name and password for account encryption, if you decide to use this type of protection.

Furthermore, you can establish the data storage type on the server as part of the connection configuration. Just select the name of the Lianja database and a path to a local or remote directory where free tables can be stored. Additionally, you may decide whether you wish to make your database opened for modifying or not, in which case you can tick the Readonly option from the Settings tab. Also, you can opt to grant yourself exclusive prerogatives for altering information in the database and decide whether to enable or disable logging on the client or server.

How to install Lianja ODBC Data Source Manager?

Open Lianja ODBC Data Source Manager by running Lianja ODBC Data Source Manager as the.exe installer file. Then press Next button to start the installation.Sessions – Sun Protection

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This is a small utility designed to make video capture easier.
It’s main function is to provide the user with a simple tool to automatically schedule video captures. It will allow users to add, edit or remove timers, select the desired start / stop time (with year / month / day, as well as hour / minute / second information), add a comment for personal reference, and then save the settings to disk. It will also provide a small viewing window to view all of the timers. This allows the user to easily see which items are scheduled and the available information can be shown by using the “View” button.
The user can then simply select the “Start” button to start the schedule and the application will automatically record the specified time. The “Stop” button will stop the video capture process and the timer information will be saved to disk.
When the application is first opened, a window will provide a screen where the user can configure the various options.
This screen will also display the “Clear” button which will clear the display of all timers.
The “Exit” button will exit the application and save the current configuration to disk and reload it when you start the application again.
VDTimer Features:
• Add, Edit, and Remove Timers
• Customizable Timer Details
• Scheduling Options:
o Year / Month / Day / Hour / Minute / Second
• Optionally Add a Comment
• Timer Items Are Saved to Disk When Exiting
• Timer Items Are Reloaded on Application Startup
Note: VDTimer requires VirtualDub 2.0 or later.
This software includes materials developed with the support of the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0546716.

Useful link:

SaveTimer Screenshots

My Personal Thoughts

Do I Use It?

I’m pretty sure I’ve used VirtualDub’s capture feature. What I use it for? I’m not really sure – it’s just something I’ve gotten used to using. When I get a new video file, I’ll run VirtualDub’s capture mode with the “-screenshot” command. When my netbook breaks, or there’s a glitch in the video, I just grab a screenshot using a tool like Screenshot. I’m sure others will have other uses.


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