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RunFromProcess is a console application developed to launch an application as the child of another process, under the same user and having exactly the same security parameters as the parent process. The usage is quite simple: You first specify the name of the parent process or its ID, followed by the complete path of the program to run as the child. The latter process inherits the user and the security parameters of the parent. The latter two parts of the command can be the full path of a file, a folder, a registry key, a service, a DLL file, a program, etc.
The latter part of the command, in other words, specifies where the child process will start executing (i.e. what program to execute).
If the application you want to run is a console program, you should put its full path in the latter part of the command. In addition, you can use the “nomsg” prefix, placed before all the other arguments, to prevent RunFromProcess from displaying any error message. Finally, you might want to mention the (optional) command-line arguments in a.bat script.
Running a program with arguments with RunFromProcess:
As RunFromProcess was developed to launch a process and allow it to run in a specific account, you can use it to launch an application and pass parameters to it. The simplest way to accomplish this would be to launch the program with a.bat file, which would look like this:


The.bat file containing the command line arguments to pass to the application must be placed in the same folder where the batch file is saved.
If the.bat file contains a.exe file instead of a.bat file, then the command will need to be:


In case the arguments need to be passed on the command-line itself, you would use:

@”C:\Users\… eea19f52d2

Effective Desktop is a program which helps you improve Windows desktop performance. If you like to see the desktop from a secondary window, or you don’t see all the screen real estate which you might be able to use, then this is your tool. It places all desktop icons on the desktop. In order to keep these icons there, it monitors the Desktop. With a single key press, it will set the icons to “sticky”. Use this in conjunction with the desktop cleaner to keep your desktop clean. If you like to keep your desktop clean, click on the link and use the simple functionality of the program to automatically clean up your desktop.

Personal Desktop Personal Desktop This program allows you to save and load images, wallpaper from your Desktop into an image viewer.

Wallpaper Desktop Wallpaper Desktop This is the place to download free or paid wallpapers. The more popular wallpapers get in front of you window, the more people notice you!

Hide and Hide Unhide Window Unhide Window Unhide all windows from the taskbar. Hide all windows from the taskbar.

On Screen Keyboard On Screen Keyboard This is a desktop utility that brings up a text box on the screen. When you type a letter, it becomes the text for a button.

Drag ‘n Drop There is a built in feature to drag and drop icons from the Start Menu, into the Desktop, from the Desktop into the Start Menu.

Tray Tray Tray This program will move all the default icons into a tray. If you don’t want them in the tray, you can move them to an area of the desktop.

Color Picker Color Picker There is a built in feature to change the color of your desktop icons. This feature is used to change your mouse pointer.

Lock Screen Lock Screen This utility locks your screen. It takes an image of your screen and stores it on your desktop, this image stays there when the computer is turned off.

Error Logging This utility will send error reports to an FTP server if an error is detected.

Tray Tray Tray This is a program that will move all the default icons into a tray. If you don’t want them in the tray, you can move them to an area of the desktop.

Users Toolbar Users Toolbar The toolbar on the left of the window may be used to display the current date, time, and weather. In the future there will be more features added to the toolbar.

Attention Tool Attention

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