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Alarm: It plays a sound when an alarm is due.
Stopwatch: Set a stopwatch to count down time.
Timer: It counts down time.


Set an alarm, timer and stopwatch

This seems very limited.

If you just want to ring the alarm once, why would you need to set a recurring alarm?
If you want to count down time, why would you need to set a stopwatch?

But it does seem to be useful if you want a single alarm that rings once, then a stopwatch that counts down.
Why would you need a stopwatch that counts down, though?

Evaluation and conclusion

Do you mean programmaticaly?
If so, this is a very limited tool (although it doesn’t look like it needs a lot of power, it’s one app among many in an OS).
If you just want to ring a sound once, what’s wrong with an old “dialer” app? I’m very old and you know what I do. 😀
If you want to count down time, do you want to do it “countdown” or “timer”? If “countdown”, you could just use the “Timer” and wait for the app to be terminated. If “timer”, it should be possible to stop the app from running, but I haven’t found any way to do that in the GUI, just with the command line.
If you need a stopwatch, isn’t a normal stopwatch good enough?
I’m not sure about this one, but it looks like it might be useful in case you want a stopwatch that you have to do “manually” (because it’s not an app that allows you to set the interval or whatever).
What does not look useful?
The app can’t seem to add a sound effect or anything like that, so I’m not sure what “Sound Effect” you’re talking about. If you want to make a sound, perhaps using a dialog, using the command line, or you have something like “Console” or “Screen” that’s better?
What does look useful?
The sound for alarms and the sound for stopwatch clicks.


It can be configured in an alarm manager (Settings->Alarm).
There are a lot of different alarms. As well as setting a time to ring at and what sound to play when the alarm is d82f892c90

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