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555 Timer PRO provides engineers and aspiring students with a user-friendly circuit designing tool that permits them to create sketches based on the 555 timer integrated circuit.
Integrated design wizards
Thanks to the clean interface and the range of built-in design wizards, working with this application shouldn't pose any problem to you. Moreover, the information panels help you read about the role of each circuit component and get a better understanding of its functioning.
Various astable and monostable designs
555 Timer PRO comes with a variety of astable (standard, wide-range and squarewave) and monostable design wizards that can help you integrate a new circuit into your project, but not before configuring its parameters (the frequency, the duty cycle, the timer type).
The application enables you to gate astables and trigger monostables, having switches, touchplates, continuity, water level detection, light, sound, and temperature as input categories. Individual components include decade, BCD, multi-digit and multi-stage binary counters, as well as BCD decoders, various transistors, amplifiers, resistors and comparators.
It includes voltage reference designs and logic families references and can work with lowpass, highpass, bandpass filters. It comes with output circuitry examples to view switch loads (for bipolar transistors and other components), run DC, bipolar, unipolar or servo motors, generate graphs and audio, RF or ultrasound output, light up LEDs and lamps. The project can be either saved locally or exported to PDF format for easy sharing.
A handy circuit designer
555 Timer PRO is easy to use, but it requires basic knowledge about circuit components in order to understand the specialized terminology. Its predefined circuits and examples help engineers use the 555 timer within their projects.







555 Timer PRO [Win/Mac]

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555 Timer PRO Incl Product Key

Define your own macros to create a series of calculations easily, it doesn’t have to use the Q to set the timer frequency and the X, Y to set the timer’s duty cycle.
SEQUENCE Description:
With this keyword you can easily create a sequence of calculations and variables (variables can be used with a logical value or real value) to create a sequence to calculate. You can also check the “memory” in this sequence to remember the last calculated value. You can make it pause to check other calculations while it is running.
CONVERT Description:
This keyword lets you convert the inputs into a different unit type, it has internal converters and external units, the internal convertors are average, sum, product, and ratio and the external units are temperature (C/F), voltage (mV), amperage (mA), time (days), power (W), and the unit is automatic. You can also change the units to any other type of units in the setting window.
COUNTER Description:
It lets you create a counter that counts in steps (increment) or decrement (decrement). Also you can add a multiplier in the input formula to multiply the output by a factor, and a single digit can be toggled (alarm, ring or no ring).
PARENT Description:
You can set a variable to be a parent variable in any unit calculation. You can also use the “p” as the active variable to use the parent variable in the calculation.
MULTIPLY Description:
This keyword lets you multiply the input values by a factor.
NORMALIZE Description:
This keyword lets you use the input values as a normal value to convert the input values from normal units to different units. You can also apply it to the unit calculation to multiply the number by a factor.
RADIANS Description:
Define the number of degrees of a given angle.
ANGLE Description:
Use this keyword to convert from one degree (or any unit) to the angle you want.
SUM Description:
Convert the given values into a sum.
PRODUCT Description:
Calculate the product of the given values.
DELTA Description:
Calculate the difference between two given values.
LINEAR Description:
Use this keyword to convert the numbers into linear steps.
POWER Description:
Calculate the power of the input values.
RATE Description:

555 Timer PRO Crack For Windows

555 Timer PRO is an ultra-intuitive, ultra-reliable & ultra-affordable instrument for creating project sketches that works with the popular 555 timer IC. Design your own circuits and add automation to your project with ease.
Design astable, monostable and flip-flop circuits and gates from an extensive library of all-in-one components.
Be free to design your project without the need for costly & time-consuming programming. Get the initial sketch done and the final circuit brought to life.
There’s no need to have advanced knowledge of software or programming to design circuits with 555 Timer PRO. Choose from a library of preset circuits and examples, or use your own circuits and drawings to build your own.
Convert an analog source to a digital output, creating a DIP switch or a light sensor.
Dedicated drivers let you feed audio signals, LEDs, lamps and more.
The app provides all the necessary parameters such as the frequency, the timer type, the duty cycle, the oscillator direction and a convenient interface to create your own circuit sketches.
Work with individual components such as resistors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, capacitors, comparators, switches, touch plates, signals, buttons and lights.
Design astable and monostable circuits as well as flip-flops. The app includes a manual for detailed descriptions of the 555 timer circuit.
Built-in tips, preset circuits, examples and 3D preview of the circuit structure help you create your own circuits without difficulty.
555 Timer PRO Features:
● Design astable, monostable and flip-flop circuits
● Design gate circuits from an extensive library of all-in-one components
● Use a data-sheet or schematic to select your circuit components
● Convert analog sources into digital outputs
● Make connections to LEDs, lamps and more
● Dedicated drivers let you feed audio signals, LEDs, lamps and more
● Design astable and monostable circuits such as:
● 5 input circuits
● 3 input circuits
● 2 input circuits
● 1 input circuits
● 4 input circuits
● 1 output circuits
● 1 PWM output circuits
● 2 switch output circuits
● 1 audio output circuits
● Design audio circuits such as:
● Synthesizers
● Audio amplifiers
● Synthesizers with MIDI
● Audio input circuits
● Audio output circuits

What’s New in the 555 Timer PRO?

● Support for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.5 and later
● 5.1 Mb of free space required on hard disk to install application
● Several filters, counters, oscillators, binary counters, decoders, dividers, etc.
● A complete list of components including DIP, SOIC, and TO-92 packages
● 4 build project modes for creating a set of data files
● A project editor to draw and save your circuit
● Graphic editor to create graphs and insert more than 150 components
● 10 built-in astable or monostable wizards for creating
● 555 Timer PRO is a software application designed specifically for engineers and aspiring students who design electronic circuits using the 555 timer integrated circuit. It helps them quickly integrate circuits into their designs.
● 555 Timer PRO is a circuit editor designed specifically for engineers and aspiring students who design electronic circuits using the 555 timer integrated circuit. It helps them quickly integrate circuits into their designs. It includes 5.1 Mb of free space to install the program on your computer.

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